Supply chain consulting to optimize the Automotive Industry resources

We are more than just an ordinary freight forwarder – we work to be your strategic logistics partner, offering customized solutions for your most specific needs. See how our consultative approach optimized resources for a major automotive company.




Automotive parts


Understanding the client’s real needs in order to offer an assertive solution.

Origin and destination

From Luque/Asunción, Paraguay (IATA: ASU) to Guarulhos/São Paulo, Brazil (IATA: GRU)

Weight and dimensions

Three boxes of 20 cm x 50 cm x 40 cm, each with a gross weight of 50 kg.

How many days from the first request to the delivery

3 days

Operation highlights

Our experience in supply chain consulting and in-depth knowledge of international transport options enable us to constantly seek the most customized solution to meet our clients’ needs.

Our client

A major corporation of the global Automotive Industry with the constant challenge of being aligned with today’s world and being necessary for society.  

The challenge

Understanding the customer’s real needs. After requesting three different shipments in the same week, the client refused the proposal, indicating a high price without giving much detail in his feedback.

The solution

We took our supply chain consulting approach one step further, to understand their specific needs and, from their pain points, coming up with a totally customized solution.

In this case, after working closely to identify the client’s comprehensive needs, our team specialized in air freight realized that the client suggested three separate shipments in the same week because he believed that this would save costs.

Using our knowledge in air freight products and our policy to always provide options, our team recommended the cargo consolidation service as the best-fit solution. By consolidating the client’s cargo in the route between Paraguay’s and Brazil’s strongest Automotive hubs, we ensured on-time delivery and even more cost optimization.

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Our differentiation

Our vision goes beyond being a simple freight forwarder – we want to be our clients’ best strategic partner in their logistics chain, with long-term relationships. Our mission is to provide not only a service, but also a solid and reliable partnership, where the customer’s success is our absolute priority.

Regardless of the complexity of the order or the client’s level of expertise in logistics, our consultants are always on hand, ready to act with a holistic vision.

We dedicate ourselves to getting to know each client, how their supply chain works, investigating their logistical needs, the most frequent routes of their international projects and designing a personalized plan from a consultative approach to assertively supply everything they need.

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xpd global, the best strategic partner

of the Automotive Industry

In addition to our expertise in time-sensitive air-freight services and time-critical solutions, xpd global has a division dedicated to the Automotive Industry.

Lara Ferreira commercial leader xpd global

“In an industry as dynamic and precise as the automotive industry, we can’t limit ourselves to offering the services that we usually know or that are the least expensive at the moment. We must get to know the profile and needs of this industry in depth and explore our customers’ ‘pains’. One of our differentials is our sourcing team, which daily updates the services and routes offered by the airlines, so that we can act as a strategic logistics solutions partner that offers a customized, technological experience and guarantees the delivery of goods to their destination on time.”

Lara Ferreira, Sales Leader at xpd global Brazil.

By having xpd global as your strategic partner in automotive logistics, you get:

  • Individual, dedicated, and specialized attention.
  • Risk prevention and control.
  • Power of the negotiation and high-level relationship with the main airlines.
  • Own offices in the main airports of the world.
  • Variety of routes and transit times.
  • And more.


“I bring to xpd global our commitment to a winner’s culture, to constant learning, and an unwavering passion to serve. It’s not just about delivering goods; it’s about exceeding expectations. We are ready to deliver customized solutions for each client,” concludes Lara.

Let us now all your more specific logistical needs and we’ll build a plan tailored to your organization.

We are xpd global | Your strategic partner in time-sensitive and time-critical logistics.  

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