Industrial project | Detailed monitoring of an oversized operation in port

From choosing the port of departure to the meticulous review of the lifting and lashing points, relying on a team specialized in project cargo is crucial to get your oversized load in perfect conditions.

Oversized load identified with xpd global logo ready to be lifted to the ship.



Heavy machinery – a mining drill


Get spaces to transport oversized break bulk cargo from Chile to China.

Origin and destination 

Lirquen Port (Chile) to Qingdao (China)

Total volume

The machinery was divided into four parts:

A. 16.33m x 2.90m x 4.20m | 45,280 kg | 198.90 cbm

B. 17.30m x 3.20m x 1.80m | 32,640 kg | 99.65 cbm

C. 18.60m x 2.80m x 3.55m | 17,620 kg | 184.88 cbm

D. 16.15m x 2.70m x 3.80m | 22,960 kg | 165.70 cbm

Operation result and highlights

This project was a success thanks to our expertise and dedication to thoroughly supervise every step of the operation.

From the selection of the port (with the highest availability of departures for break bulk cargo) to our presence in the storage area and on board the vessel, we have been able to provide valuable advice to our client to make better decisions that favored delivering the cargo at destination.

This approach allowed us to mitigate potential additional costs and reduce the risks of damage to the goods.

Part of the oversized load transported by xpd global about to be lifted.
Part of the oversized load transported by xpd global safely on the shiop ready to be sailed to China.
Marcello Gallegos and Gregorio Huarte - xpd global Industrial Projects and overdimensioned cargo team in Chile.
Our client

One of the most important manufacturers of machinery for the mining industry in Asia. 

The challenge

Against a natural disaster  

In August 2023, south-central Chile faced the highest rainfall in 30 years, exacerbated by the El Niño phenomenon. President Gabriel Boric even decreed a “state of catastrophe” in the region.

With this, the vessel hired for the operation had to wait 16 days to set sail.

During this time, part of our xpd global Chile team took the opportunity to support communities terribly affected by the climate disaster.

See our teams’ humanitarian action

Others remained in direct communication with the shipping company, the port and the customer, to give them visibility and have maximum control over departure dates and transit times.

Operational Challenges

The xpd global Chile team personally oversaw the operations at the port of Lirquen.

Thanks to our inspection processes, we identified that the hoisting and lashing proposal presented a high risk of damaging the cargo – or being rejected by the port’s maneuvering chief during the handling of the machinery.

The analysis was send to our client and together, we reached a decision: an expert from the manufacturing company traveled to the Chilean port to rectify all the lifting points and mitigate risks in the handling of the cargo.

The solution

xpd global Chile has local talents specialized in project cargo, who know their country, the port network and the services available – they could also design a multimodal plan tailored to the needs of our clients.

In this case, the best way to transport the machinery was to move it by truckload freight from the port of San Antonio to a multipurpose Twin Deck vessel in the port of Lirquen, further south in the Andean country, with less movement and better availability of departure for this project.

Our specialists in industrial projects moved to the port of Lirquén, from where we coordinated the contact with the client, worked hand in hand with the technical expert in hoisting and lashing, the operation team of the port and the port captain, to ensure everything was done with precision, quality and safety. 

In a great team effort with the professionals of the port terminal and the shipping company, with meticulous supervision from the hoisting in the port to the condition of the lashing on the vessel, our team ensured that the cargo traveled safely and arrived in perfect condition in Asia.

The differentiator

Our professionals have not only a great sense of responsibility with each shipment, but also experience in perceiving details that could put your cargo at risk, flexibility to find alternatives, and attitude to implement them accurately.

Gregorio Huarte Industrial Projects Leader in xpd global for oversized cargo

“Having traveled to the south of Chile on more than one occasion together with the project team was essential to ensure that the maneuver was carried out successfully. The supervision of the lifting and lashing points, in a team work with the port and the shipping company, was essential to avoid generating extra costs for the client,” explains Gregorio Huarte, director of industrial projects for Latin America at xpd global. 

“We are always the owners of the cargo,” says Marcelo Galleguillos, industrial project manager at xpd global Chile, “I was there from the time the transport was done, from the collection area to the loading area on the side of the ship. When the cargo was already on the ship, together with the port captain we went up to see how the stowage and lashing were on and below deck.”

Marcelo Galleguillos, industrial project manager at xpd global Chile

xpd global, your best strategic partner in industrial projects

With a division dedicated to project cargo, we understand the complexity of each shipment – and all the necessary requirements so that the transport between shipper and consignee is uninterrupted.

Advantages of having xpd global as your strategic partner

  • Own teams in 30 countries, with local presence throughout Latin America, Europe, and Asia
  • Specialized consultancy in complex logistics projects
  • Resource and budget planning
  • On-site studies, route planning and feasibility studies
  • Special cranes, lifting calculations and planning
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Customs clearance and documentation
  • Network of expert inspectors
  • Infrastructure damage prevention plans


Do you have a big challenge (oversized or heavy) on the horizon and need a strategic logistics partner to coordinate it?

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We are xpd global. Your best strategic partner in time-sensitive logistics – even for moving project cargo.

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