xpd global, soon-to-be an exponential organization

Did you know that at xpd global we have a team dedicated to innovation? We are working hard to become an exponential organization!

Learn more about this initiative from Fabián Noyola, New Ventures & Bizz Models Director at xpd global.

The Innovation Team

1. Hello, Fabian! In a post on our LinkedIn, we introduced the Innovation team to the public and talked about your goal: supporting the personal and professional development of xpd global’s talents, giving them the necessary tools to execute projects that can improve their processes in a creative way, boosting their productivity.

At xpd global, we don’t have any employees – we’re all leaders and talents

Tell us more details, please. Since when does xpd global have a team dedicated to Innovation? Can you tell us a little bit about the beginning of it all? How did the idea of having an Innovation team come about?

The innovation project is approximately five to six years old, since we were epGroup.

It started with Ana García, a talent from our Knowledge & Training team, as a response to the organization’s need to gradually position ourselves as one of the most innovative logistics organizations in the market.

It had the name “Innovartners”, looking for talents to be the innovative colleagues/partners of the organization.

Within this initiative, several activities were carried out, such as ideation challenges and other projects and workshops focused on activating the creative DNA of talents, in order to create ideas of value for the organization and for them to feel heard.

Subsequently, I was hired with the mission of creating new business models and evolving the way we were implementing different – and new – methodologies to nurture our business model and product offering.

Naturally, these same activities led me to be part of the innovation team and to evolve, together, the way we were working, until we created what we know today as the Innovation Academy.

The “Exponential Organizations” initiative

2. And about the “exponential organizations” initiative… What is the idea and where do we want to go with this project?

This project begins with a curiosity of the directors to explore this methodology.

I had the opportunity to take a course to learn it and also learn how to implement it within the organization.

The main challenge was to be able to understand what the characteristics of an exponential organization were and how we could adopt them to nurture our current business model.

From making a diagnosis and analyzing our offer in depth, we identified different actions that we were implementing little by little – from defining a purpose as an organization to focusing on new technology developments and how we are building our community.

What we are looking for is constant evolution.

To be an exponential organization is to be able to be 10 times faster and more efficient than our competitors.

The innovation team uses many of these features to develop our challenges, activities, and workshops. We want to give the organization the tools xpd global needs to keep evolving and avoid becoming obsolete.

Get to know our Innovation Academy

3. What are the other findings and achievements of the Innovation Academy over time?

Undoubtedly, the community of innovators has been growing at xpd global. With the passage of time, it has matured through the different initiatives that have been executed.

The innovation team has also been growing in talents, skills and experience.

I would like to point out some great milestones in these years:

  • We have made global initiatives and recognized creative effort.
  • We have worked with the creative mindset (softskills) to awaken the innovative DNA in talents and create ideas, accepting that failure is part of the process.
  • We have created and positioned different communication channels that have allowed us to be in contact with internal and external customers to strengthen capacity (podcasts, masterclasses, innovation wiki).
  • We have designed and replicated courses and workshops that have provided innovation tools and methodologies to talents in their daily activities (change agents, innovation leaders).
  • We are launching the Innovation Cup as a cornerstone, in which we intend to position
    the importance of developing and executing valuable ideas in the organization.
  • We are implementing innovative market methodologies and practices in the organization and deriving added value from them (for example, we already have many talents participating in a series of talks and workshops on artificial intelligence!).

Why going for a master class?

4. After organizing courses, a podcast and internal challenges, why did you choose the Master Class format for the “exponential organizations” project?

The “master class” format allows us to summarize a topic or a very useful tool in a quick and concise activity that is quite attractive for our organization.

We are looking for our talents to seek this space and actively contribute to their personal and professional development with the support of experts.

Each step of the project

5. What will the project look like, step-by-step?

The goal is to ensure a constant evolution of the organization.

The first challenge is to identify what areas of opportunity we have to truly be an exponential organization.

Then, develop objective actions to put them into practice, from any of the armed teams to get closer to that dream:

| To be a truly exponential company, growing at the same pace as technology grows.

Meet the team

6. To conclude, who is part of the Innovation team at xpd global?

xpd global innovation team

Fabian Noyola

Fabian is a senior innovation consultant, business coach, speaker, trainer and spiritual entrepreneur. Passionate about purpose, technology, sharing knowledge and inspiring people to reach their full potential.

Fabian has trained more than 1,500 people in Exponential Organizations (ExO) methodologies, including alumni of Openex’s consultant and trainer certification programs. He has also helped companies in the transportation, education, IT, banking, and real estate industries implement the model in their organizations and challenge obsolescence.

He is passionate about teaching and mentoring young entrepreneurs, sharing innovation methodologies and personal development strategies through alliances with institutions such as Startup Mexico, La Salle University, Innova Award in Colombia, DIT, Global Academy, among others, where he has participated as a trainer, disruptor and speaker impacting more than 800 young minds.

During previous years, Fabian led a boutique consulting firm for small and medium-sized businesses in Mexico, focused on strategy, culture, and digitalization.

He has also worked with General Electric as a software team leader on aviation (turbine) projects. During this time at GE, Fabian graduated from the Edison program, the company’s most prestigious engineering degree, and joined CAS, an elite consulting group within GE.

Fabian holds a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering and is currently studying for a master’s degree in innovation with ICON University. He is also a graduate of the Master Course in Exponential Organizations from the Growth Institute, has been certified as a Business Coach and ExponentialCoach at Mindvalley and as an Expert in High Impact Dynamics with FireWalk American Institute.

His main superpowers to empower global xpd with more creativity, innovation, and productivity are:

Rapid Learning, Solution Engagement, Transformative Teaching.

Ana Garcia

Ana is an outstanding professional in the field of piscology, with extensive experience and knowledge in various areas of her discipline, her focus is on human behavior, change management, and creativity and innovation processes.

His main superpowers to empower global xpd with more creativity, innovation, and productivity are:

  • Active listening: “It allows you to understand the concerns, needs and point of view of others, this in order to increase trust and collaboration between talents and team members,” explains Ana.
  • Analyze: Help the organization make strategic decisions based on evidence, helping to understand trends and nurture talents with new tools for personal and professional growth.
  • Empathize: It helps to build strong relationships with talents and understand needs and concerns by putting yourself in the shoes of others and understanding needs and concerns.


Daniela Rosales

Daniela has a degree in International Business from the University of Guadalajara, in Mexico. His professional profile stands out as a specialist in strategic innovation, intrapreneurship and new business development. With a strong academic background and more than 12 years of experience in the innovation industry, Daniela is recognized for her expertise in business innovation training and new business unit development.

Her main superpowers to empower global xpd with more creativity, innovation, and productivity are:

  • Development of new projects with a focus on organizational innovation.
  • Production of learning content for soft skills development (such as the Creative Mornings podcast).
  • Management of strategic alliances with other capabilities of the organization.


Jorge Garcia

Jorge has a degree in International Trade, another degree in Administration, a Master in Business Administration from the Autonomous University of Madrid, a diploma in Project Management and is currently certified as a SCRUM Master with CertiProf.

He is an agile expert within xpd global and has focused on technology development for logistics processes.

He has experience in 4PL, carrier management and supply chain.
In his spare time, he coaches flag football for children aged 4 to 10.
Their superpowers are: sharing knowledge, streamlining processes and learning new things to develop skills.

Andrea Melchor

Andrea is a passionate professional with a strong background in graphic design and a specialization in digital marketing. Throughout his career he has gained experience in different industries, such as motor transport and industrial automation.

Her professional career has focused on the area of marketing, where she has played an integral role in the collaboration with various departments within the organizations in which she has worked, highlighting the ability to acquire knowledge of each department, which has allowed her to understand the dynamics of the company, thanks to her multidisciplinary approach, He has managed to identify opportunities for innovation in organizations.

In his most recent role, he has focused on developing innovation strategies, driving creativity and collaboration.

Her main superpowers to empower global xpd with more creativity, innovation, and productivity are:

  • Creativity: Imagining innovative solutions and thinking outside conventional boundaries.
  • Team collaboration: working effectively with people with different skills.
  • Contribute to the growth of talents and know their potential.


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