Exponential growth

When a talent’s potential is identified and encouraged, the entire organization wins.

The term “exponential growth” illustrates a concept that is quite trendy in the corporate world today, related to talents with a great capacity to develop because they stand out for their rapid learning in successful and innovative initiatives promoted by their organization.

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For global ever-evolving companies like xpd global, it’s vital to:

  • Promote innovative activities
  • Identify high-potential talents
  • Develop them to contribute to the competitiveness of the company

To do so, leaders’ focus should be on technical skills related to the job – but never underestimating the importance of soft skills.

In addition, diversity in the team can bring different perspectives and approaches to talents with exponential growth potential, who are often looking for environments that foster learning and growth.

What is the profile of a talent with exponential growth potential?

Instead of giving you a list of criteria you should observe, we interviewed one of our talents who has grown exponentially in xpd global since his arrival.

We invite you to meet our Mexican talent Victor Rebollar, leader of foreign trade routes and ambassador of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region at xpd global.

  1. Hello, Victor! Please tell us about the challenges you’ve faced in your professional career. How do you adapt to unexpected changes?

In logistics, as well as in life, change is always a constant. “Renew or die!”

One option that’s always on the plate for each of us is to complain about “unexpected” changes. The other option is pausing, breathing, looking at the situation from a neutral, non-judgmental perspective, and then building a new path and acting straightforwardly again.

I choose the second option, trusting that the best will always happen, even if we don’t understand for now why and/or what for.

Every change brings with it learning that helps us to be better. Let’s embrace the changes!

  1. Yes, let’s embrace the changes! Speaking of them, we would like to know more about your experience as a country leader in a global company. Why were you interested in leading it? What did you feel you could bring to the table as a leader? And now in hindsight, what do you see was his impact on the company?

For now, my greatest learning, both personally and professionally, has been my experience as a leader of a country: Colombia.

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Prior to Colombia, I was part of a team known at xpd global as sourcing – a team responsible for keeping information on routes, transport alternatives and fares up to date – and supported the development of Asian agents in Taiwan, in person.

When it was time to return to Mexico, I realized that I was ready to change roles and bet on new adventures, experiences, and learnings. That’s when I found out about the organization’s interest in building our own office in Colombia and decided to apply.

My journey as a country leader went from setting up an office, refreshing operational, commercial, and negotiation knowledge, to reinforcing my skills as a leader and facilitator through daily practice, to finally building a team of 25 talents and presence in two cities in Colombia.

  1. Congratulations! Now, Victor, tell us about your long-term goals. How do you plan to continue your growth and contribution to xpd global in the coming years? What will you do to maintain a consistently high level of performance?

I’m committed to continuous improvement. Sometimes we will achieve it exponentially, other times we may only take a few daily steps to improve… But the important thing to know is that it should be a daily habit.



“Polishing our talents, habits, routines, and knowledge continuously enables us to positively impact our daily lives, the lives of our fellow xpders and, above all, enables us to help our customers in a better way; we can understand their needs and create a logistics partnership relationship to grow together, providing help from a genuine interest in our environment. Everything else comes almost automatically and surely exponentially.”

In retrospect, I see more than the xpd global office in Colombia strengthened and mature, but all of the offices in Latin American region with the desire to continue growing, showing exponential results in the coming years.

xpd global, the best strategic partner in logistics for global companies with exponential potential

At xpd global, we work to be an unrivalled employer and a place where our talents want to develop their careers.

We are looking for the best talent in the world. The A-Players.

From interns with ambitious growth goals to global leaders looking to change the status quo of the industry, we look for talented and passionate people who can make a difference.

What’s in it for you and your supply chain if you choose to work with the best talent in global logistics?

  • Your logistics will be coordinated by specialists in your industry.
  • Logistics plans tailored to your needs.
  • More operational efficiency, faster deliveries, and smoother processes.
  • More safety in operations, with less risk of incidents and under strict safety standards.
  • Effective problem management.
  • Compliance with local and industry-specific regulations.
  • Technology and innovation working for your business.
  • Flexibility and adaptability.
  • Effective collaboration.
  • Better customer service with our brand promise: always fast, friendly and dedicated


Connect with us. We are xpd global | The strategic logistics partner of exponential organizations for time-sensitive solutions and time-critical cargo services.

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