An essential spare part from Mexico to El Salvador in 6 hours

To avoid downtime on your production line, you can rely on extremely fast premium solutions designed specifically for your urgent deliveries.


Packaging and display manufacturing


A fundamental replacement part of a cutting tool


Transporting the spare parts as soon as possible to avoid delays in the production chain.

Origin and destination

Mexico (IATA:MEX) to El Salvador (IATA:SAL)

Weight & Dimensions

Less than 2 kg in weight, with dimensions similar to a letter-size envelope.

Time from first contact to delivery

Less than 6 hours!

Key aspects of the operation

We implemented a tailor-made solution, different from the one conventionally used by the client.

Our client

A global company founded in El Salvador with 50 years of experience in packaging and displays and presence in Central and North America, the Caribbean and Asia.

The challenge

Our customers’ production line works 24 hours a day to produce packaging for food and cleaning products.

A few hours of disruption can result in a huge delay to the entire supply chain – and delay their products’ delivery to customers.

The challenge in this project was to transport a critical spare part of less than 2 kg, in less than 24 hours, mitigating all possible risks. 

The solution

The best solution tailored to our client’s needs was to use the hand carry services of an on-board courier.

A table shows the operation step by step: Courier receives cargo & takes MEX* – SAL* flight. Courier arrives at MEX* to take the next flight available. Courier onboarding plane confirms near take off to SAL. Aircraft flies to San Salvador. Flight lands successfully. Courier goes through customs and proceeds deliver cargo in hand to customer. *IATA codes
* Airports' IATA codes.

xpd global, the best strategic partner for specialized industries in critical situations

“I was next to the customer waiting for the delivery and I saw how, the moment they opened the package, they took the spare parts and ran to place it directly into the machine. That’s how critical the situation was, and that’s how critical we treated the project – and the successful delivery.” Enrique Olivares, xpd global El Salvador country manager, with Argelia Valdez, xpd global Business Desk COO.

In xpd global, there is no margin for error when dealing with a critical cargo. We work to design solutions tailored to your most specific needs.

By partnering with us, you will have:

  • Personalized, dedicated attention.
  • Tailored solutions for programmed or critical cargo, to transport from an envelope to entire production plants.
  • Specialists in routes from Mexico to all the Americas.
  • A network of more than 500 couriers available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • Global reach, knowledge, and local attention from your team in El Salvador and 80+ other offices around the world.
  • Emergency logistics centers and 24-hour control towers at your disposal.
  • And more!


Let us know your most specific logistics needs and we’ll show you that we can make them happen.

We are xpd global | your strategic partner in time-sensitive logistics and solutions for time-critical cargo.

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