xpd global drives logistics excellence in Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador with BASC certification

Discover how xpd global is raising security and risk mitigation standards with BASC certification in these three strategic countries.

At xpd global, we are committed to promoting a secure logistics chain.

In recent years, we have obtained the BASC certification in Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador. This certification, granted by the Business Alliance for Secure Commerce (BASC), ensures high security standards and risk mitigation in import and export operations.

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Likewise, xpd global Ecuador has joined BASC’s mission to ensure and facilitate international trade based on trust. In October 2020, xpd global Ecuador became one of the BASC certified companies in the region.

xpd global Ecuador recognizes that BASC certification also reassures confidence to all stakeholders, including suppliers, partners, and customers, by basing our processes on anticipating and managing any potential risks.

“BASC certification is highly valued by reliable and stable companies in the market, as it offers added security value throughout their logistics supply chain,” declares Christian Drouet, General Manager of xpd global in Ecuador.


xpd global Peru has built a strong local team of import and export experts and obtained BASC certification in May 2021.

xpd global Peru focuses on establishing operational controls to reduce risks related to illicit activities, thus promoting secure trade and compliance with the current legal framework.

“This certification strengthens xpd global’s brand promise of being always fast, friendly, and dedicated, by ensuring robust processes, efficient coordination, and on-time deliveries,” says Bruno Elera, General Manager of xpd global Peru.


xpd global Colombia, with local teams in Medellín, Bogotá, and Cali, also achieved BASC certification in May 2021. Our local teams are dedicated to designing tailor-made international transportation plans to meet customer needs.

“The BASC certification in Colombia supports xpd global’s air, sea, and ground freight services in our country, guaranteeing high standards and secure processes, protecting companies’ operations against risks related to money laundering, terrorism, and drug trafficking,” reveals Alvaro La Rotta, General Manager of xpd global Colombia.

Ensuring reliable and protected operations with BASC

xpd global is proud to contribute to secure trade in the countries where we operate, promoting continuous improvement and the elimination of corrupt practices in the logistics chain.

The BASC certification enables us to offer our customers increased security and confidence, positioning ourselves as a strategic partner in logistics and facilitating long-term business relationships with reliable and secure companies.

The certification was possible thanks to xpd global’s efforts to optimize control and traceability in our logistics chain, reduce risks arising from lack of control in processes, and promote accountability.

At xpd global, we are committed to streamlining international transportation logistics processes and increasing the integrity and traceability of shipments, consolidating our world-class customer service in both local and regional business relationships.

xpd global, your strategic partner in logistics

“At xpd global, we seek the BASC certification as part of our commitment to security and trust in Latin America’s logistics chains,” says Maria José Garay, Director of xpd global Latin America.

This certification allows us to provide our customers with added security value by establishing strong standards and secure processes in import and export operations.

With the BASC certification, we work to consolidate ourselves as your strategic partner in logistics, to strengthen international trade with confidence and peace of mind.

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