xpd global and Brose: a partnership beyond logistics

Learn how xpd global and Brose have nurtured a thriving business collaboration founded on trust, reliability, and quality service, creating substantial value for both companies.

Image: Bamberg Baskets' Instagram @brosebamberg

In the complex world of supply chain management, where the efficient movement of goods and materials is essential, establishing a valuable partnership with a logistics supplier is crucial. Such a partnership can significantly impact the smooth operation of the supply chain, ensuring the cargo is delivered on-time, costs are optimized, and risks are mitigated.

Through several years of successful logistics operations, we are proud to share the thriving partnership with Brose, a significant global supplier to the automotive industry. Through communication, reliability, transparency, and adaptability, we have contributed significantly to the success and efficiency of their supply chain operations.

Quentin Margain, Commercial Director at xpd global and manager of Brose account, shared the evolution of this collaboration, emphasizing the essential elements that have transformed it into a formidable partnership, resulting in an invitation to sponsor one of the sports teams supported by Brose: the seven-times winner of the German league Bamberg Baskets.

“Our journey with Brose began by giving them expedited solutions, addressing the urgent needs of their manufacturing facilities in Mexico,” Quentin recalls. From there, the partnership between Brose and xpd global has grown organically, nurturing trust and confidence with every on-time delivery.


Images: Bamberg Baskets’ Instagram @brosebamberg

Commitment and flexibility for a long-term partnership

Brose is one of the visionary and dynamic companies shaping the future of the automobile industry. With a complex and global supply chain, the organization manages suppliers located in over 30 countries. Their ability to source its materials and components from a global network of providers and deliver its products to their customers on-time and in perfect condition enables Brose to meet the demands of its customers and remain competitive in the global automotive market.

At xpd global, we understood this dynamic and brought flexibility and personalized solutions from day one, adapting to changes in their demand, supply, or unforeseen circumstances. This adaptability could involve altering shipment volumes, routes, schedules, or even finding solutions for urgent shipments as Brose needs them.

“The relationship of trust and transparency xpd global has cultivated with Brose professionals is the result of empathy and understanding their specific needs. We are their steadfast support, ensuring their production stays on track.”

Quentin Margain, Sales Director at xpd global and manager of the Brose account, on the right in the picture above, with Alex Delenk, xpd global Germany Air Freght Director, and Oliver Hahn, Sponsoring / Partnerschaften bei Bamberg Baskets.

Going beyond logistics: sponsoring a Brose basketball team

One of the sports Brose has been promoting for over two decades in several Franconian (Germany) locations is Basketball. This sport fascinates with its high dynamics and requires dedication, discipline, passion, and team spirit—qualities shared by xpd global and Brose.

Thanks to the partnership fostered over several years, Brose extended an invitation to xpd global to evaluate the convenience of sponsoring Bamberg Baskets, a sports team based in the city of Bamberg, Germany, supported by Brose for almost 10 years.

Quentin explains that “Brose does not invite anyone to be a sponsor and add a brand side by side with theirs, as they are highly conscious of their image. So, I think the fact that they have invited us means ‘You have been there for us and now we want to open the doors to connect beyond logistics through sponsorship.”

For xpd global, sponsoring a sports team like Bamberg Baskets is not just about supporting sports but also about the shared spirit of commitment to excellence, teamwork, and passion for everything that we do. This brings companies closer to local and global communities.

Today, the partnership between xpd global, Brose Automotive, and Bamberg Baskets benefits not only both companies but also the world of sports and society. It is an example of how trust and commitment can be the key elements to build a successful business relationship.

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