Our commitment to an evolving automotive & e-mobility industry

Our unwavering dedication to automotive logistics is not just a mission – it’s our driving force towards a seamlessly connected industry future. 

As you know, the automotive sector is rife with complexity and challenges. Fluctuating market demands, regulatory hurdles, the constant and precise need for lean operations… all demand a logistics partner that comprehends the landscape and can design plans to live up to the task.

These are some crucial factors that must be implemented for a better industry:


Environmental concerns are driving significant shifts in the automotive logistics sector; this commitment from us as xpd global includes embracing cleaner, greener logistics practices, such as low-carbon transportation products.

Digital Freight & connectivity

We must ensure that provide data and connection systems with our clients. This streamlines operations, minimizes empty miles, increases efficiency, and helps reduce transit time and costs.

Customer Centricity & Communication

For us, it is important to increase our partnership relations with our clients to ensure that we give them more visibility and reliability for better cooperation with each other.

High coordination & tailored solutions

From moving machinery and industrial cargo to micro electro chips, we can coordinate with multiple logistics solutions tailored to your most specific needs the shipments planning for the subsectors in the Automotive Industry.

Demand for nearshoring

Automotive organizations are still -and constantly- reevaluating their supply chain strategies, re-localizing processes and assessing the best spots worldwide where they should have each construction plant, to minimize disruptions and reduce transportation costs and risks, with a spotlight on Mexico. With our global coverage, we can enhance both flexibility and agility in the face of unforeseen challenges or planned changes.

Leadership in the Automotive Industry

Automotive leaders are reevaluating their strategies to remain resilient, flexible and create more robust and adaptable supply chain networks.  

In the ever-evolving automotive landscape, where time is of the essence and precision reigns supreme, our vertical dedicated to the automotive & e-mobility industry, xpd global | Automobility works to be the most reliable freight forwarder for OEMs and Tiers, providing comprehensive logistics solutions for time-sensitive global supply chains.

Our aim is to create transparency through communication, data interchange and embracing digital innovation, creating more resilient supply chains and adaptable for solid contingency planning. Our commitment lies in leveraging conversations and digital tools available to create agile, future-ready logistics through our local and global network of talent and systems.“.

Alexander Katsouris, xpd global Automobility vertical director

Alexander Katsouris, xpd global Automobility vertical director

With a world-class customer attention by our team of specialists in the sector, we’re leading the way in attending to the most specific international transport needs of OEMs and tier suppliers worldwide.

Two tables show our logistic solutions for the Automotive Industry: Planned cargo . Air freight . Ocean freight . Truckload freight . Project cargo . Warehouse Time critical cargo . Air charter . On-board courier . Air priority (NFO) . Ground expedited . Control tower 24/7

One-stop shop for the Automotive Industry

We can satisfy your supply chain needs and requirements with our comprehensive range of services, so you don’t have to deal with multiple international transport providers.

Our main attributes:

  • Global account management.
  • Specialized professionals serving the Automotive Industry.
  • Digital connectivity.
  • Quality certifications and sustainability plans.
  • Buyers Consol and Air Consol services.
  • 24/7-365 front desk for multimodal plans and time-critical solutions.


Discover the fastest experience in logistics with us and focus on what you do best – keeping your supply chain and market running seamlessly.

xpd global | Automobility vertical

The best strategic partner in time-sensitive and time-critical logistics for the automotive and e-mobility’s industry.

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